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The AGM at Wodonga is over and most of us have returned home after a most enjoyable and safe couple of weeks away holidaying etc.
We caught up with 17 of our local members which is good but I am sure there were more there we did not get to spend time with.
I thought I might bring you all up to speed of the happenings at the actual meetings themselves.
1. The new Committee was elected with no surprises at all. Very good news forthe Club.
President                 HelenaGritton              Unopposed
Vice President         JenniferWoods             Unopposed
Secretary                 MarkSeja                    Unopposed
Treasurer                 Michael Abberfield       Unopposed
Committee               Peter Baulch
                                John Osborne
                                Henry Rokx
2. The Special Resolution to replace the Club Constitution in its entirety with the new "Draft Constitution" as presented was adopted in an overwhelming vote of support.
This decision by the members brings our working constitution into the 21stCentury and makes for a democratic working of the Club to its members into the future.
3. It was a pleasure along with President Ron to represent you our members at an extremely cordial and well run AGM. and Extended Delegates Meeting. I must say a far cry from the turmoil of the previous 2014 AGM at Alice Springs.
4. The venue for the 2018 AGM is the Riverland Area on the Murray River of South Australia. (Actual Site Barmah)
Local Happenings
Now were back to Branch activities for the rest of the year and first up is the OVERNIGHTER for the weekend of 18th/19th April to Warwick Qld lead by our gorgeous Treasurer Gina.
The details are on the Website so please read that and do your booking and let Gina know of course.

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