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Branch BBQ Ride --- Sunday 24th May 2015
Awoke to some very threatening clouds and misty precipitation ..... but the GODS were kind to most of us and we turned up at the usual meeting place to head for Lawrence for the Branch BBQ & Ride.
Andrew -- the fearless"Ride Leader" was one of the first to see that everyone was well versed on the requirements of the day. Also present was Ron & Colleen, Bill& Anne with their cars full to the brim with all the food and gear to make sure the BBQ side of things went ahead --- "without a hitch".

23 members and/or guests took off for Lawrence in orderly fashion with a couple of cars in tow.
Ron & Bill had other plans (get bread, handbag, ice and any thing else needed fresh) then on their way also. Eventually catching up with each other at the Lawrence Ferry.
Gena & Peter (also in a car with Teddy) went off to rendezvous with Tubby but alas it seems there was some battery problem on arrival thus Teddy's transport continued onward to Lawrence unaccompanied.

After some teething problems with the electric power at the BBQ cooking etc. got underway to feed the multitude at 12noon.
1155 hrs. all done but no bikers yet. Five (5) lovely invitees from the Clarence Valley Branch arrived and at 1215 hrs. we decided to eat without Andrew and his legion of riders. Rissoles, sausages, cooked onion, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, bread& butter ------ yum ----- how well cooked and tasty was that.

At approx. 1156 hrs. Johnn0 arrived completely bamboozled as to where all the bike riders had detoured to. After settling down he proceeded to tempt Teddy into imbibing in some strong drink. Oh dear Gena did not approve ...... lol.

At 1300 hrs. the first of the bike riders arrived --- quite perplexed and worried about where the rest of them were, but over the next 30 minutes or so they arrived in their twos and threes.  At this time we found out that Jason had an unfortunate experience with a pie he purchased previously in Lismore. Hope you have recovered Jason.

All were hungry and thirsty so it was into the food and drink etc.
It seemed everyone was most complimentary to the chefs (read cooks) and everyone settled into relaxing and admiring the lovely yacht moored at the nearby wharf, with a crew comprising a young family.
Group photos were taken to record history before people began taking their respective leave for the homeward journey.
Packed up the goods and some members called into New Italy for an afternoon coffee and cake and of course the compulsory debrief.
I think most people enjoyed the day and now look forward to the next ride which is a "Twilight Ride" to the Gold Coast for a hamburger and coffee (or what ever takes your fancy).
A huge well done to the helpers on the day ------ the food was delicious.
See you all soon and remember stay safe.
Bill Slade
Your Humble Secretary

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